Weight Management


Today, many people are struggling with weight issues.  Approximately 1/3 of Americans are overweight, and another 1/3 are obese.  For years, patients have been told to simply "eat less and exercise more."  While there is some truth to the benefits of lifestyle changes, the reality is that weight problems have continued to increase over the last 2 decades and obesity has become an epidemic.  The paradigm must change if physicians are to help patients improve their health and not simply give generic impractice advice.

In our practice, we take a comprehensive approach to weight loss, weight management, and treatment of weight-related comorbidities.  Firstly, we have a nonjudgemental atmosphere.  We understand that being overweight or obese is not simply a choice or consequence of gluttony or laziness.  There are a myriad of environmental, public health, medical, and biochemical factors involved in regulating appetite, satiety, and metabolism.  Dr. Joudeh works with patients to identify areas that can be targeted for treatment, including lifestyle changes, medication adjustments (more on this below), psychological and behavioral treatment, dietary changes, as well as adjunctive pharmacotherapy when appropriate.


Dr. Joudeh keenly reviews a patient's medication list, ranking medications in three categories.  Are they weight neutral, do they tend to promote weight gain, or do they often facilitate weight loss.  Often, patients will unknowingly be on medications that slow down their metabolism, when there are other suitable options that do not drag down their metabolism or cause weight gain.  Many patients have benefited from simply making adjustments on their medications.  In other cases, Dr. Joudeh will discuss the use of anorectic agents, or appetite suppressants, which can be a very effective tool in weight management.  Many patients achieve results comparable to weight loss surgery with pharmacotherapy and dietary changes alone.


Once a patient has achieved a desirable weight loss, the next important stage, and possibly more important than the weight loss stage, is weight maintanence.  Unfortunately, patients losing weight in a weight loss program or even with surgery often have rebound weight gain because of 'completing' a program or dropping out of a program.  Dr. Joudeh emphasizes that weight loss & management is an ongoing struggle, i.e. a chronic illness, and thus, it is crucial to maintain a discussion with the physician on keeping the weight off, and how to troubleshoot any weight gain.

Pediatric Obesity

As a pediatrician, Dr. Joudeh understands the unique features affecting children and the growing epidemic of obesity in children and teens. While many of the same techniques for managing adults apply to kids, there are unique considerations when it comes to dietary changes and pharmacologic treatment.  It is also important have the family involved to ensure the success of changing a young child's behaviors.

Body contouring via Emsculpt Neo

EMSCULPT NEO is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session. We are proud to be one of the first to offer this treatment option in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Please click www.bodybybtl.com for more information, and then call our office to schedule free consultation. 

In conclusion,

we offer an opportunity for weight management for the entire family.  Being triple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, & Obesity Medicine, Dr. Joudeh brings an experience and approach not readily available in many facilities, combined with a passion for helping patients achieve their goals.  He looks forward to meeting you and discussing your goals, health, and treatment options to achieving wellness.